About us

What is Cats Design?

Cats Design BV is a dutch company that goes further than other companies, usually combining diverse applications is a problem where other companies stop. We have the needed experience in controlling computercontrolled machines like millingcutting machines, lasercutting machines and limemachines. Most of the times a problem consists out of multiple smaller problems. All these small problems have to be solved. We have our own workshop in which we can solve problems mechanical and electrical.

Peter Cats

Owner & Engineer

Owner Peter Cats professionalised in Mechatronics after finishing his bachelor degree study. Computercontrolled machines have always been the company’s foundation. Peter has lots of experience when it comes to microcontroller, PLC or machine controllers. He has been supplying museums and framers with cuttingmachines for over 30 years. Usually customwork is the answer if you want a good solution. That’s what Peter delivers.

About us

Cats Design BV is an engineering company with over 20 years of experience.